Winlink, VARA and SDR #WinlinkExpress #VARA #sdr


I am running an ANAN 7000DLE MKII, Winlink Express and the VARA Modem. I am able to transmit and hear the local server reply on HF but the connection never occurs. I know this must be a timing issue and have set latency to low in the software but feel there is an area that I'm overlooking in trying to get the numbers right when it comes to delays and latency. I'm running Thetis 2.8.11 software and the protocol 1 firmware. Anyone running a similar setup that could possibly shed some light on areas for me to focus on?

I'm successful in operating FLDigi, WSJT-X and JS8Call. I've also been successful using an FT-450D and it connects, communicates with no issues but it's a different setup altogether.