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We Are Woman We Are Goddess We Are One!

No matter your path, if you are WOMAN you are welcome. Kindness prevails here, a safe haven!

We share affirmations, validate each others thoughts and fears, send positive messages and/or readings. Postings about Women, Goddesses, cultures, magick, ritual, meditation, prayer, dreams, divination and healing of all kinds are welcome.


To make this a safe and sacred place for Women, I do insist that you are "Born A Woman". Please e-mail me directly and and introduce yourself, you will then be added to the list.

Be sure that you have a Yahoo profile and that Female is clearly marked or you may be denied! You have two days to respond to this message! This is for your safety here and ours and to repel spammers!

If you are male born and are on the quest for the Goddess, please join "The Burning Branch", our free discussion list for men and women: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Burning_Branch

This list acts as a "support group", and it is mandatory if you wish to be a part of it, please e-mail
GrannyMoonsMail@yahoo.com for more information!

GrannyMoon and Satori Moon (Moderator)

Sisters of the Burning Branch

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