Using APRS for spotting

Detrick Merz

I learned today that the SOTA folks have a system that leverages APRS for spotting:

Does anything similar exist for WWFF?

I, for one, would be interested in such a system. I often find myself with a drained phone battery and a noticeable hit to my data usage when trying to activate a park. Or in a park where there's little or no cell service. I have some spare tablets that have wifi, but no data plan. I've been thinking aboutĀ setting up a Raspberry Pi + Direwolf + WiFi + radio, and having APRSDriod on the tablet using Direwolf (across wifi) as a TNC. But I know of no way, currently, to send a message through the APRS network and have it converted to a WWFF spot.

Of course the reverse direction would be equally useful: receiving spot data from other activators via APRS message, for those P2P contacts.

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