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Detrick Merz

I've tent camped and activated once. It's was a nice way to do a little radio while also hanging out with friends. Wake up early in the morning and work the radio for 2-3 hours while everyone else is asleep, it's quite serene. And then get a few more hours in in the evening after dusk while everyone is sitting around the fire. Really works up your ability to work CW in one ear and socialize with the other. Not that I'm great at that, but it is good practice.

I've also brought a radio along while RV camping in parks that aren't part of the program. Still a great opportunity to do some hunting, and in my cases from locations that have nice low noise floors.

Dogs make great camping and activation buddies, for sure.


On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 10:08 AM, KFF Coordinator <kffcoordinator@...> wrote:
How many of y'all camp at a park and activate it. I've started tent camping again last year and love it and have been activating State Parks while camping. I also go alone so its a chance for me to "get away" cheaply. Although, not totally alone, my service dog, Sam, comes with me.

If you do, do you tent camp, have an RV, a pop-up? Tell us about your experience.

My best experience was camping at Hillsborough River State Park and I was up at sun up, had my headphones on working on CW. I look up and no more that 20 feet from me is a deer. I didn't move and stared at her eating for at least 5 minutes.... Sam was oblivious to it.


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