Re: New rules for 44 Qs?

joe kallo <quietglow@...>

On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 07:56 am, KFF Coordinator wrote:
I hope you can still enjoy the program even thought the requirements for activating a park have become a bit harder.
Respectfully, I don't think this a fair characterization of my point. Difficulty isn't the issue, but rather viability of actually engaging the pursuit and the reasons for it. The total time required to get 44 contacts is larger than 10. It's exponentially longer if you are dealing with one of the issues Detrick mentions (I'm also a QRP op as of yesterday -- KX2, yay!). I have lots more opportunities for the time required for 10 contacts, especially while traveling, than 44. I'd guess lots of other people are in the same boat. As a result, given the change I am going to be more likely to pass by the opportunity for a 45 min break while playing radio at a park while traveling, because I know there's no way I am going to get anywhere near the 44 QSOs. Similarly, while I am willing to sit outside in 10f to make 10 QSOs (did it yesterday!), I am not willing to sit out there for 2+hrs to make 44. etc etc etc. The overall effect of this change is, I am afraid, to decrease my opportunity for participation. 

Now, two answers to that complaint others have voiced are valid: activators should be doing this as service for the hunters, and/or the point is just to make operate out of door. I 100% agree that if either or both of those are true, then my complaint is off-base. But if those are true, why keep count at all? Is it a game/contest or no? The other OTAs definitely were/are from what I can tell. Points, leaderboards, etc. If the WWFF isn't, why mess with keeping track at all? 

I hope it's clear that my criticism comes from a deep appreciation for the overall pursuit. I really like being outside and this pursuit is a very good excuse to explore parks and places I've not been. I'd like MORE excuses to go visit a new park, maybe one I can't visit again for a long time, not less.


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