Re: Parks Diverge

Sgt Grunt

The other thing that is happening is that when people spot parks using just the "K" the WFF/KFF cluster won't pick it up. I am pretty pissed with this but plan to continue on the WFF / KFF site. It all seems so foolish and childish. 


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On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 1:34 PM, <kffcoordinator@...> wrote:
Just so everyone knows, starting at park KFF-4447 references from WWFF-KFF and the newly formed Parks on the Air group have diverged. What that means is if you work a park that is reference KFF-4447 or higher and also submit your logs to POTA you will have to find out if they recognize the reference as one of their parks. 

If you work a POTA park and it is not on the WWFF-KFF list of references, you will not get credit for that park in the WWFF system.

It is a shame that the group has split like this and it will make it harder on everyone. WWFF-KFF is also limited on adding 200 parks per year as dictated by the WWFF rules. We currently have listed almost 4500 parks! 

I hope you will continue to submit your logs and have fun at the parks!


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