Re: New rules for 44 Qs?

Detrick Merz

Activators are nothing without Hunters

And hunters are nothing without activators. It's a symbiotic relationship. Activators that only pass out 10 QSOs could be less experienced, could be running low power, could be using a less than ideal antenna, might only be capable of one mode. But that's one more activator, and 10 more contacts, and a park that might otherwise not been put on the air for months or years. Discourage the new person, the low power operator, the op that enjoys hiking and camping and sacrifices weight in their pack to carry along a radio, antenna, logbook, one who wants to operate inside a vehicle, the op that gives CW a chance even when 5wpm is a struggle for them, and we don't grow.


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The Old Timer has often spoke of this. He believes that Activators should be activating for the benefit of the Hunters. Kind of a hard core belief, but he kind of has a point, Activators are nothing without Hunters. Hunters hunt, and if Activators only pass out 10 QSOs, the Old Timer says, then many deserving Hunters suffer.

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My wife, also a ham, has basically the same view. Some people activate from inside their vehicle in a parking lot, and that's fine, but they also might be missing out. It's within the rules though, and I happily support anyone activating however they chose, within the bounds if the rules. My preference is a picnic table, but I won't force that upon anyone else. And don't think I don't sit here pondering a vehicle activation when the high for the day is 20F.

At 100w, and with CW possibly, sure the 44 isn't hard at all usually. But we all don't have 100w rigs, or 100w rigs we can operate portable, or batteries enough, or muscle enough to hike that much gear into every park. And, for me at least, getting out of the car and operating *in* the park, that's been a real joy. I've only been in 10 or so parks, but I feel like I have a compelling story to tell from almost every one. And I've learned a lot every time, and had a blast.

But here's the thing: even if there aren't 44 people chasing WWFF when you're at a park, you can still reach that number:

- work FT8, I got almost half the necessary contacts this way at my last park with a KX3 and 15W. Most of those contacts probably weren't chasing WWFF.
- spin the dial and answer someone else's CQ: they don't have to be chasing WWFF for it to count for you, and you might turn someone else onto the program. I had a nice chat, via cw, from Diablo Lake in Washington with an op who was mobile in Colorado!
- ask people to spot you, especially if contacts are slow coming, spots draw contacts out of the woodwork
- switch bands and modes. If there are only 10 people you can work, and you work them all on cw and voice, and across 20, 30, and 40m,  you'll have 60 contacts in the log. The reality is you won't get all 10 to follow you across bands and modes, but you *will* get some who do.

Now don't get me wrong: there's a part of me that's real sad about the change from 10 to 44. My biggest goal is activating parks in 7 states. I worked from three parks in WA, getting 4, 9, and 13 contacts in them. Until January 1 that was enough for WA to count for me. But when I'll get another chance to go clean across the county, and even then back to those same parks to get at least one of them up to 44 ... well, I just don't count on counting WA anymore. Not until I can retire anyway.

But this is short term pain, and better for us all in the long run, I think. It's harder now, but that will lead us to find creative ways to make more contacts, and better the program in the long run.


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Ha, funny: my wife (who is almost always doing 1/2 of the radio duties when we're activating) just told me I was being lame complaining about this. Her claim, as you suggest, is that the point isn't the pdf awards, but incentive to go to new places and hang out there for awhile.

I think the question I have (and/or what bothers me) though is why such a large number compared to the other major OTA programs? NPOTA was 10 Qs for activation. SOTA is 4. Michigan State POTA is 10. Why such a large number for wwff? At least here in the US, there are not usually even 44 people looking for WWFF contacts at a given time, forget considerations about whether you can actually make a contact with them. Unlike those other OTAs, the count is cumulative for WWFF. So is the idea to encourage repeated visits? Make it fun for people even when they don't have a bunch of parks (like we do -- MI has a bazillion never activated as well)? 

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