Re: New rules for 44 Qs?

David Garnier

Hi Joe,

Funny I think there's a lot of commonality here. A couple
random thoughts...

With all the churn that's going on in the POTA community
as distressing as it is, I've been thinking about what's motivated
my obsession with POTA in the first place. (I'm a cheap bastard
and to take my activation results to the next place is going to
require some expenditures.)  I'm always been an indoor
wintertime WI resident, POTA is forced that change. At age 68,
going out into the cold has it's own set of problems, some are
easy solve some are not.

The POTA and NPOTA has been quite the learning experience
for me. I'm a tinker by DNA so the desire to work DX never
captured my imagination. (No offense to those DX'ers out there,
it's turned out that DX'ers are some of the nicest people around
but I digress.) The thrill of being an DX station, the pile up, the
world calling you I think that sucked me in...
During our second NPOTA activation, my wife of 43 years finally
got sucked into ham radio, an HP6 came back to her! "You
sound like a newbie I thought I would give you the thrill of talk
to DX station!" (A class act on his part.)
I think my park chasing activities have really mystified my ham
clubs DX'ers, none of them took the NPOTA bait. It's enlightening
to ask them "Why they they didn't jump in?" and "Why do you
think us "us quiet ham members" get wrapped around the axle?"

Good day to you.

73/44 - dave - wb9own


On Thu, 1/18/18, joe kallo <> wrote:

Subject: Re: [WWFF-KFF] New rules for 44 Qs?
Date: Thursday, January 18, 2018, 8:47 AM

Ha, funny: my wife
(who is almost always doing 1/2 of the radio duties when
we're activating) just told me I was being lame
complaining about this. Her claim, as you suggest, is that
the point isn't the pdf awards, but incentive to go to
new places and hang out there for awhile.

I think the question I have
(and/or what bothers me) though is why such a large number
compared to the other major OTA programs? NPOTA was 10 Qs
for activation. SOTA is 4. Michigan State POTA is 10. Why
such a large number for wwff? At least here in the US, there
are not usually even 44 people looking for WWFF contacts at
a given time, forget considerations about whether you can
actually make a contact with them. Unlike those other OTAs,
the count is cumulative for WWFF. So is the idea to
encourage repeated visits? Make it fun for people even when
they don't have a bunch of parks (like we do -- MI has a
bazillion never activated as well)?

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