Re: New rules for 44 Qs?

joe kallo <quietglow@...>

Ha, funny: my wife (who is almost always doing 1/2 of the radio duties when we're activating) just told me I was being lame complaining about this. Her claim, as you suggest, is that the point isn't the pdf awards, but incentive to go to new places and hang out there for awhile.

I think the question I have (and/or what bothers me) though is why such a large number compared to the other major OTA programs? NPOTA was 10 Qs for activation. SOTA is 4. Michigan State POTA is 10. Why such a large number for wwff? At least here in the US, there are not usually even 44 people looking for WWFF contacts at a given time, forget considerations about whether you can actually make a contact with them. Unlike those other OTAs, the count is cumulative for WWFF. So is the idea to encourage repeated visits? Make it fun for people even when they don't have a bunch of parks (like we do -- MI has a bazillion never activated as well)? 

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