Re: New rules for 44 Qs?

David Garnier

Hi Joe,

Yea, I saw that too. But is it a big deal? I guess it depends
on your perspective. One park I went back 3 times and
interestingly that days count was better than previously.
It's interesting to speculate as to "the why," but at times
I analyze that crap out of things and it drives my spouse
nuts. ;-)
Still amazed at the site location and propagation variables.
Lots of other factors here. As to the drive time or physical
location of parks, I live in s/e WI and have been working
the closest first. I dread the numbers of parks to the north
and west. Last count of unactivated parks in WI was 140'ish.
(Can't let Bob KA9JAC have all the glory.) ;-) Do whatever
activation that's fun for you.

73/44 - dave - wb9own


On Thu, 1/18/18, joe kallo <> wrote:

Subject: Re: [WWFF-KFF] New rules for 44 Qs?
Date: Thursday, January 18, 2018, 6:57 AM

That's unfortunate as
it's going to make me much less likely to bother
activating wwff refs.

was just getting in the habit of doing quick park
activations when on road trips etc. I actually stopped at a
never before worked park yesterday on the way home on an all
day trip to buy a new radio. The park is much too far from
home to visit again soon, and getting 44 QSOs in the time I
had was impractical. Given this, I wouldn't bother
stopping were it today.

I'm bummed, seriously.

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