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Jim Shorney


I know what you mean. The urge to call simplex is a strong one. :) Spllit
doesn't work out as well in real life as it does in theory due to propagation,
station differences, etc. I do tend to have better luck calling DX split, which
stands to reason. The DX ops sometimes have half the world calling them at the
same time, most of whom can't hear each other. It is difficult or impossible to
break through when calling them simplex. FT8 may be great at decoding two
signals on top of each other, but not so much with 20. I can imagine thta DX
stations who don't or won't work split tend to get frustrated and disappear. I
often have stations call me unsolicited because NE is still semi-rare. If they
call me split I usually work them when time permits; if they call me on top of
the station I am trying to work they get ignored.

I still check in on JT when I have the time. It's a nice way to relax. The nice
thing about FT8 is it has become easier to make JT contacts because the JT band
is less crowded. The bad thing about FT8 is that there are fewer JT contacts
to be made.



On Wed, 17 Jan 2018 18:12:16 +0000 (UTC), David Garnier wrote:

I'm stuck in the old school JT65 mode of not wanting to operate
split mode, not a criticism Jim. ;-) In the past JT65'ers that needed
WI would call me on split mode an stalk me down until I answered,
a little unnerving until I received emails thanking me. I have
developed friendships from that experience still lasts today.

FT8 is so frigging fast it's difficult for me to answer them on their
frequency. Yes, I understand the value of operating split mode.
Yes, it seems to work amazing well but I still can't believe it
doesn't cause more QRM. I'm going to need some data to support
this "non QRM'img method." Don't want to suggest a holy war,
I've seen enough of that on WSJT reflector my the new JT Op's.

Good idea on free texting "KFF-xxxx yourcall" as a POTA method.

73's de wb9own

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