Re: Parks Diverge

Jim Shorney

On Wed, 17 Jan 2018 11:28:52 -0800, Sgt Grunt wrote:

I always have the WFF Cluster up and take my spots from there. Now that there are two groups only the KFF spots will show up there which is fine with me as I have absolutely no interest in following the other group. Then I'll post on FB as a back up. By the way, I have faith finally made the decision to completely disengage from the other group. de W6LEN/ Jess
Jess, the problem I have always had with WWFF cluster is that (I was told) that it does not feed spots into the global DX Cluster. This is a problem for those of us who use spot filtering with the DX Clusters as we will not see those spots, and for activators in that it limits the size of the audience. Targeted cluster filtering has been my secret weapon in several on air activities and has helped me to score well.



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