Re: Parks Diverge

David Garnier

Thank you Kraig, I used PARKSpot last weekend and plan to use it
again this weekend! WI has a few parks and KFF-4329 was near the
end, but I can manage. ;-) Hope to work you again soon. WX is
suppose to get into the 40's this weekend, wild isn't?

73/44 wb9own


On Wed, 1/17/18, Kraig D. Pritts <> wrote:

Subject: Re: [WWFF-KFF] Parks Diverge
Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 2:03 PM

Also when I self spot I
use PARKSpot and may eventually back away from FB for
spotting in order to spend more time operating. I have begun
to post where I am on FB and also where I will spot (which
is W6RK and WWFF Watch using PARKSpot) and then check FB
from time to time checking for particular requests. I
normally operate a band/mode until I don't hear any more
callers then move on. But I am the crazy guy who doesn't
worry about 44 QSOs even though lately it has become a LOT
easier to get there or very close.  Everyone develops their
own style of ops. I am mobile all the way!

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