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Jeff Logullo N0̸MII

TIL that the template's name is case-sensitive (!). I downloaded the template file "cal_wwff.csv" and uploaded it to my iPhone... didn't show up in HamLog. But after some reading of the help file, and some head-scratching, I "renamed" the file to "CAL_wwff.csv" and (I kid you not) it showed up on my phone. 

So the "CAL" part of the name must be in all caps... however, the template from N3VEM's web page gets downloaded with a lower-case name. Just make "CAL" be in caps and you're all set.

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On May 3, 2019, at 9:56 AM, Detrick Merz <detrick@...> wrote:

There's not a WWFF template on HamLog for Android ... I wish there was! As far as I have been able to read up on the subject, the iOS version *will* let you make custom logging templates. I can't justify getting an iOS device *just* for HamLog though. I found details on templates for the iOS version here:

Has anyone tried to reach out to N3WG to see about getting custom templates for Android?


On Fri, May 3, 2019 at 10:05 AM Wayne Robertson <k4wk@...> wrote:

Jeff, are you saying there's a WWFF template for HamLog?  HamLog's what I use on my android tablet and like it real well. 

Wayne Robertson

Jeff N0̸MII

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