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Well I don't have an iPhone or iPad, but used to use a small Windoze 'outer for portable logging. 

However these days I keep things very simple and do paper logging in the field. My setup uses only a KX3 and battery so it fits on my lap or on a small table. I have found that at least for me using a touch screen or keyboard in the field is awkward. But then I am an OF!

I transcribe logs to ACL in the comfort of my home or a hotel room.

Joe E.,  N2CX

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Have you ever tried using a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone/iPad when using HamLog? It might make entry easier/faster. One more thing to carry with you, but they’re light weight, self-contained power… 

I’m about to give WWFF a go and have been thinking about logging too. HamLog with a bluetooth keyboard was going to be my first attempt. Now that I see there’s a WWFF template, that’s all the better!
Jeff N0̸MII

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