Re: GREAT Job Norm

James Kerns

Thanks for the response.
Wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.
Yes, to FB being the problem as I do/will not have an account.
best, j
PS: Look for W4OT on 20, 40m probably QRP but maybe also QRO. Unfortunately, Saturday the 20th only.

On Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 9:03 AM Detrick Merz <detrick@...> wrote:
Hi James,

I agree with you. Haven't seen much info on this event. Seems under-promoted to me. Wonder if some of that is due to using Facebook to host the event details? I'd also like to see event details and updates on the KFF website.

KFF-0252 can still be activated of course, WWFF seems alive and well every time I've done an activation, and growing slow but steady within the US these past few years. When are you planning to activate?


On Wed, Oct 3, 2018, 20:31 James Kerns <jamesjkerns@...> wrote:
New member, Jim Kerns/KM4UFN.
This event is not getting much press.
I, too, read about in the ARRL newsletter.
However, the link on the ARRL website is broken returning at 404.
Also, there is nothing about this on the wwkff web site. 
I would like to activate Pelican Island kff-0252 but getting cautious 
that this event is not real??? Your thoughts. Thanks, jk

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