KFF-4588 Activation Attempt

Detrick Merz

Planning to head out to KFF-4588 on Saturday, July 14. Hiking in, looks like about 2 miles up the mountain, hoping to find a good spot to set up on the ridge. Looks like a very nice hike. High temp of 91F, should be good fun :)

Looks like the first activation attempt for this park, so help me make it a success. I'm not checking out right at 44 contacts if I don't have to, I'll hang out until the battery or water runs out. Spots are greatly appreciated if you can hear me. I'll try to self-spot, but can only afford to carry in so much extra battery power for the cell phone (along with water, lunch, etc.). Will be bringing the KX3+6Ah LiFePO4 and running at a full 15W until voltage starts to drop, and then as much power as it'll do until the battery shuts off. Usually 6-8 hours is not a problem. Focus will be on CW, but I'll watch the spots; please post in the spot info if you need/want SSB or PSK31, and please also know it might take me a few minutes to see it and QSY. I'll also happily QRS; if you need 5wpm and everything repeated 10 times I'm happy to oblige. I'm willing to give any of these modes a try, but CW will likely be the most fruitful (and PSK hardest on the battery).

Generally all HF bands seem to be available to me with the antenna setup I've been running. Primary (and first) focus will be on 20m, then likely 40 & 30, and on to any other bands as needed. If you're semi-local we can try 80 and 6, and I'll bring an FM HT in case anyone wants to try 2 (line of sight is in theory good to almost Baltimore and DC).

Tnx es 73,


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