Re: Logging during activations

KFF Coordinator

No worries on FB. It is what it is.  I get all posts to this group sent to me as many others do so in a way it serves a similar purpose.

As you can see there are a variety of options that people use. I also have been using pen and paper prior to my recent transition to mobile (I do only mobile) logging via ACL.

ACL is a PC program so I don't know how it runs in the various pc operations available for Mac.

I did forget to mention that there is a WWFF template for HamLog that you might want to try before going elsewhere. 

Here the link to the article and the template for download:

My fingers just don't fit on my iphone screen trying to log but it might work well for you. 

The thing I love about this hobby and this WWFF-KFF group is that there are so many creative ways to solving problems and there is a good chance that somebody has been there, done that. 


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