Re: Logging during activations

Norm Meyers N9MM

I agree with Kraig that a great place for this question is the WWFF-KFF FB Page. Perhaps you could search history too.

From my memory, FLE is the most popular. It’s simple and cheap. I use a different solution however, which is why I’m responding. I use N1MM+ on a laptop. It too is free, and one of the most widely used software for contests and DXPeditions. It has lots of features, but there are two I find very, very helpful when Activating. First it has Partial Call Lookup. That’s uses a file that contains over 50,000 callsigns of active contest participants. So if you you copy KA2K, it will give you a list of active stations including KA2LHO. This is very helpful when working weak stations in QSB.

N1MM+ also has Call History files, which are user generated. I have one that has over 4000 unique callsigns of stations that I have worked. This list adds to the Partial Call Lookup, and enriched it with stations that are active but do not participate in contests. This file also includes names of many of these stations, so a can call people who work me by their name. I’m old and this is a great memory crutch, plus it allows me to be more friendly by calling stations by their operator’s names.

I can help you with N1MM+ and provide you with my Call History File if you decide to go that way. It’s more complex, but these features make it worth. Oh, it handles P2P too.

Norm, N9MM

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Subject: Re: [WWFF-KFF] Logging during activations
Hi Detrick, 

You should post this on the WWFF-KFF Facebook page and you will get a bunch of responses as many seem to do it their own way. Many people prefer the free FLE software which has a template for WWFF. I could never get the hang of that so I use Amateur Contact Log by N3FJP. I also modify the screen layout and add the fields for WWFF and P2P calls. Their is a tutorial for that in the Files section of the WWFF-KFF Facebook page. 

FLE is popular because it is free (ACL is $25 for all lifetime updates) and because it puts out a basic ADIF that fulfills the WWFF log expectations. I think you still have to add the files for P2P but I am not sure. If you are interested in FLE I recommend you contact KA9JAC. His email is on the page as one of the upload people.

These are just a few that are used out there. 


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