Re: Logging during activations

KFF Coordinator

Hi Detrick, 

You should post this on the WWFF-KFF Facebook page and you will get a bunch of responses as many seem to do it their own way. Many people prefer the free FLE software which has a template for WWFF. I could never get the hang of that so I use Amateur Contact Log by N3FJP. I also modify the screen layout and add the fields for WWFF and P2P calls. Their is a tutorial for that in the Files section of the WWFF-KFF Facebook page. 

FLE is popular because it is free (ACL is $25 for all lifetime updates) and because it puts out a basic ADIF that fulfills the WWFF log expectations. I think you still have to add the files for P2P but I am not sure. If you are interested in FLE I recommend you contact KA9JAC. His email is on the page as one of the upload people.

These are just a few that are used out there. 


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