Logging during activations

Detrick Merz

How do you log during your activations? Obvious answers seem to be paper, tablet, or laptop. But is there something specific you use that you've found to make it all go more smoothly? I'm looking for low power options and ideas to improve my activations.

I use a combination of pencil/paper plus tablet with an application called HamLog. My usual method is to jot down notes as the contact comes in, then transcribe into the tablet as soon as I have a free moment. The tablet does a good job of making time stamping easy, and preventing transcription errors (sometimes it's hard to read my chicken scratch, but it's easier when the QSO is still fresh in my mind). It's functional, but leaves me wanting a few things: handwriting is messy & the pages blow around, the logging interface has too many fields, and the log export requires manual editing to add in required fields (e.g. my_sig_info). HamLog also populates data from prior contact, which gets messy for P2P.

So how do you do it? Do you have a better way, tips, tricks?

73, 44,


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