Group Guidelines

Please read before posting!
This list, founded by Reino Havbrandt, and later owned by Lori Linstruth, is meant to be a payment-practices resource for translators to learn about agencies'/ employers'/ customers' payment routines. The list is free: the archives are searchable for all members and will never be sold/used commercially by the list owner. The topic is strictly limited to discussing the payment practices of translation agencies or other parties who pay translators for their work.
Allowed types of messages
  1. Only on-topic reports, both positive and negative, questions and answers are allowed.
  2. Please limit your reports and answers to first-hand experience or information that you learnt first-hand.
  3. If you want to report something that you've only heard somewhere, you must make it clear that the information is second-hand, and you must include the name of your source.  If you want to post hearsay, but you don't know the name of the source or you do not want to reveal the source, then do not post the information.
  4. When you join, it is not really necessary to introduce yourself to the group, but if you do want to that, please add #hello to your subject line (this will cause the message not to go out to everyone via e-mail but only visible to members who read messages via the web).

How to post a useful message

When asking about an agency, please include as much information about the agency as possible.  Please mention the agency's name in the subject line.  In the body of the message, mention the domain or web address, if at all possible -- different agencies can have similar or identical names.
Not allowed types of messages
  • Test messages, virus warnings, jokes, etc.
  • Speculative posts about what "might" be true about an agency
  • Comments about agencies based solely or mainly on their geographic origin
  • Rumors that you heard somewhere
For the sake of keeping list traffic manageable and the archives easy to search, let's all keep our posts as on-topic as possible and resist the temptation to chat or drift into off-topicness. If your message is rejected on the grounds of off-topicness, please consider revising it so that it conforms to the "allowed types of messages" above.
Complaints and other issues
All complaints should be directed to the moderators or list owner, not sent to the WPPF list.
There very little risk of receiving a virus through this list. checks all mails for viruses.  The list is set to convert all attachments to links.  This allows users to see download the attachment if they want to, but it will not be sent via e-mail.  We recommend that you use antivirus software as a precaution. Better safe than sorry.
The preferred language on this list is English. Other languages are not prohibited, but if you post in a language such as Swedish, Urdu, or Tagalong, then not many members will be able to read your message and provide you with feedback. Nor will many be able to benefit from your message if they find it in the archives.
List policies
All new members start with moderated status -- their first message to the list will be moderated. Members that start discussion threads about translation issues other than payment practices will be set to moderated status. Obvious spammers will be removed and banned upon discovery.
If you are not happy with policies of WPPF, there are several other payment practices lists, e.g. ($20 per year, 7-day free trial) and the Blue Board (mostly free). If you have suggestions about how WPPF can be improved, please contact the list owner. There is always room for improvement.
The privacy of all participants, agencies, and products mentioned must be respected.  All company names and brand names mentioned on WPPF are the sole property of their respective owners. The moderator has no right to grant anyone any rights to access or use of such company names or brands, for any purpose.  It is strictly prohibited to duplicate, copy or transfer to a third party info published on WPPF.

Searching old messages
You can search the old Yahoogroups message (all 10 000 of them) in the Files section and in the Database section.  To view HTML files from the Files section directly in your browser, you have to tell your browser to consider the files openable.  This can be achieved in Chrome and similar browsers using the "Undisposition" extension.  To search the old messages that were posted at, use the Messages section.

Removal of old messages
If you previously posted a message but you want the message(s) to be removed from the archives, please let us know.

Instructions for moderators

Anyone who applies to join the group automatically becomes a member.  Also, any member of the public may post messages to the group, but their messages are always moderated. All members start with moderated status, so the first 2-3 messages from new members will need to be approved by a moderator. If a pending message adheres to the posting guidelines, approve it. If you approve the second or third message from a new member, this will automatically unmoderate the member.

If a new member sends a message to introduce themselves, please edit the message by changing the subject line (so that it becomes a new topic) and add the hashtag #hello to the subject line, and then approve the message without unmoderating the sender.

If any member sends obvious spam, remove the message, remove and ban the member, and delete the message from the archives. Note: use your judgment here. If the message is from an existing member with a good posting history and appears to be a mistake, then delete the message, set the member to moderated status, and send a reminder to the member that spam is not tolerated. If the member posts any more spam, then remove and ban the member.
If a new or old member starts other threads than questions and answers about specific agencies, moderate that specific member. If he or she tries to post further off-topic messages, send a gentle reminder that messages need to remain on-topic in the interests of keeping the list traffic manageable and the archives useful and easy to search.

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