End of 2020

Larry Krainson - W1AST

Hello all WMAFoxHunters,

Just giving an update on the HCRA FoxBox. We continue to have issues with now the 2nd controller. This controller is brand new and seemed to work in testing. But once we got it out in the field, it wouldn't stop transmitting. Back it went to our top tech guru, Bob, WA1OJN to figure it out. Bob is trying to find the time in between his very busy work schedule to get it fixed.

We are also in the midst of assembling a 2nd foxbox. Right now we have most of the components but no HT yet. But if the controller for FB1 continues to give us fits, we'll use the FB2 controller and send the other one back and get a 2nd of the FB2 controller. The CT guys have been using the 2nd type for years without any issues.

It's my personal goal that we get FB1 working again and into hiding again by mid-January 2021. Once it's working reliably again, then we'll work on getting FB2 assembled and operating also.

Thank you all for your patience and Happy Holidays from the HCRA board.


Larry, W1AST
HCRA President

Larry - W1AST
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