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Yvonne Evans

Hello Jerry,

I know that members of Rhydwilym Baptist chapel emigrated from Pembrokeshire in 1710 and used Milford Haven as the point of their departure. They became influential Baptists in Pennsylvania. and opened Baptist Chapels there. The story goes(but I cannot prove it at the present) that Jameses went from Rhydwilym chapel who were ancestors of jesse james the Outlaw. His father was a Baptist minister in Kentucky. I have tried to find records of their departure from Pembrokeshire to USA  but I cannot find a note of this in Rhydwilym Baptist Chapel records which are held at National Library of Wales Aberystwyth. However I have found notes of Rhydwilym members having gone to USA in local history books.i.e. 1710 was mentioned as the date of emigration.

Yvonne Evans

On 19/05/2020 20:17, jburkeman1 via wrote:

I am new to the group so I hope I am posting to the correct group.

I am researching my wife's ancestors who born in Pembrokeshire and immigrated to the US.

Specifically, John James born in 1665 and his son Thomas born in 1690 is who I am searching.  Supposedly they immigrated in 1710 or 1711.

John was married to Elizabeth Evans Davis.

Any guidance would greatly be appreciated.

Jerry Burke
Knoxville Tennessee USA

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