Re: Scotland Hill Farm, Llandygwydd - GEORGE Family

Simon Carter


You don’t give any dates for your George family.

The farm has long been called “Scotland” or “Scotland Hill”. I have the family of William Griffith (d. 1789) there in the 1770s. His wife Mary Makeig, the widow of Benjamin Makeig and formerly Mary Jones (m. Benjamin Makeig, 5 Sept 1769). The Makeigs were formerly associated with Scotland Farm. Benjamin Makeig (or Mikeig) was buried at Llandygwydd on 24 Nov 1790.

Mary was from Aberporth, Cardiganshire.

The name “Makeig” would appear to have Scottish roots, I have no further info. It’s possible NLW has a will for him (I’ve not looked). This might be a starting point if you wish to take this further.

Simon Carter




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Does anyone know anything about Scotland Hill Farm, Llandegwydd, and if the GEORGE family who once lived there had any Scottish connections please?

Many thanks.


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