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Matthew C. Peregoy Hey all...I am trying to remember the Orange radio station call number/ letters from the 80s...I remember there was a guy that went by KP as the dj and each time before he'd go on, an announcer would say "hey kids, what time is it"....wasn't that from the old howdy doody show?...

Matthew C. Peregoy No, not the phone number...I mean, like C'ville is 97.5, etc...

Matthew C. Peregoy for some reason 96.7 sticks in my head...was that it?

Jody Shelton yes 96.7 WJMA

Eddie Estes Yep 96.7.

Ross Hunter It was 96.7 from 1971 until 2001 when it switched to 98.9. Then in late 2002 in moved to the old WCUL location of 103.1. That's where it is today.

Lots of WJMA history at this site.

Jody Shelton 96.7 WJMA

Matthew C. Peregoy See, I should have known was the DJ that went by "KP"?....

Tonya Breeden Estes was it J.D. Slade??

Tonya Breeden Estes Ken “KP” Pratt

Matthew C. Peregoy JD was on there too at the time....But I don't think I ever knew Ken...outside of being called "KP" that

Matthew C. Peregoy I don't know what suddenly made me think of this...someone else did a post on here about radio call letters from the past I think...

Pat Thomas I dont remember KP...I remember JD...

Jill Solek-Giles You might remember it as WVJZ or WJMA

Jill Solek-Giles Z96.7 was the familiar name. I remember calling in to win a "z-pack" back then (and it wasn't just an antibiotic for respiratory infections)!

Terry Dillon Late 60s ,early 70s it was WJMA.

Tony Sprouse good ole WJMA and JD Slade. Who remembers the "swap shop" that came on every week day morning?

Bobby Coiner WJMA - 1340 on your am dial

James Booker Jr How about when they use to cover Hornets sports

Kemp Carpenter Clint ESTES

Kemp Carpenter Phil Goodwin & Autobear ( spelling)

Charlotte Whitbeck I remember the Swap Shop, letters to Santa and wasnt it Pat Watson who did a lot behind the scenes? 
I will always remember the parade where a "band" marched with radios turned to the station. I thought it was such a clever thing!

Joan Mench Clark 672-1000 Swap Shop. Loved it.

Margaret Tanner Correct am dial

Stacy Plasse 672-1212 weather

Nancy Sherman Burton JM is for James Madison

Jim Tucker Monday’s at one.