moving list to

Ross Hunter <rossgroups@...>

With some luck, in the next few days I’ll be moving the WJMA list from Yahoo Groups to Many of the Yahoo Groups I belong to have made the switch. There is some concern that Verizon, who now owns Yahoo, will kill off groups.

Why? I’ll let Mark Fletcher explain.
I started the service ONElist in 1998. ONElist made it easy for people to create, manage, run and find email groups. As it grew over the next two and a half years, we expanded, changed our name to eGroups, and, in the summer of 2000, were acquired by Yahoo. The service was renamed Yahoo Groups, and I left the company to pursue other startups.

Yahoo Groups and Google Groups both exude the dank air of benign neglect. Google Groups hasn’t been updated in years, and some of Yahoo’s recent changes have actually made Yahoo Groups worse!

There’s nothing you need to do. A new group will be created, you will be subscribed, you will get a welcome message, and messages should come to you as people post. However, if you have a email address you may have problems. Yahoo has been marking messages from as span and that results in your removal from the list. The people at are trying to find a solution. It appears Yahoo doesn’t want to loose groups and is making it difficult. You may get a message from telling you how to resubscribe. It has to be done within 3 days.

Let me know if you have problems and I can probably give you a link to manually resubscribe.