he's still in the WeatherCenter!

Ross Hunter <rossgroups@...>

Mark Johnson found this on-line yesterday:

"Some took to social media to complain that they didn’t have anything to sled in, prompting an apologetic Tweet from one well-known Raleigh weatherman.“To all my detractors, more than 24 hours ago I began talking about how this snow event could go up in smoke. I try to be honest-all I can do,” WRAL-TV chief meteorologist Greg Fishel said early Saturday.

When we used to have Virginia News Network weather reports from the various WRAL meteorologists back in the day, I remember someone at WJMA…maybe Russ Roberts…renaming him Greg O’Fishel on Saint Patrick’s Day. I wonder if Russ started this?

From his Wikipedia page, he came to WRAL in 1981. We must have had him doing weather from almost day one.