Ross Hunter <rossgroups@...>

There’s a chance that JD Slade holds the WJMA record for the longest time doing mornings. JD says September 8 marks the end of his 14th year.

The real answer to who had been doing morning longest might be “I don’t know.” or maybe “It depends.”

Bill started doing mornings in about 1960. At some point John Cregg began doing sign-on til 8 when Bill would come in for an hour. That was the arrangement when I came in August of 1971. At some point John left, maybe in 1973. That may be when I moved from afternoon to morning, but Bill still came on at 8 for an hour. Neither he nor I can remember how long that continued. I might be able to make a better guess from old air checks, but I’d guess by 75 or 76 Bill was off mornings completely.

So, it might be from 1960 to 1975 or maybe from 1960 to whenever John moved to mornings. You make the call. To be safe, JD should hang in there a couple more years to be the unquestioned king of Mount WJMA.

Now for Red Shipley. He was doing mornings in about 1954-55, but changed shifts when he started doing high school football. When he came back to WJMA in retirement, he did mornings for about 10 years. That needs some checking. I probably have the answer on video tape.

I don’t think anyone else is even close.