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Mark Johnson

--- David Taylor <taylordr@...> wrote:

My first on-air stint came as a producer(?) and news
reader during
Russ' Sunday night talk show.
Ah yes! That was before my time but I used to listen
each week.

I think it was called "Airline".

Russ sometimes sang "It Had to be You" during slow

That reminds me of another Sunday show that was on for
a while in the mid 70's. It was a request show and I
recall someone requesting that Bill Little and Pat
Watson sing "The Yellow Rose of Texas".

Mark Johnson

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David Taylor

Wow! Impressive list, Ross ... must've taken quite a bit of work to track us all down. Thanks for doing such great work!

Just scanning through the list brought back a lot of memories for me (part-time announcer/sportscaster from 1975 to 1978). After leaving WJMA, I worked for a handful of other stations for about five years, but none had the impact on my life that 'Radio Orange' did. I first thought radio might be the career for me as a freshman in high school and Arch worked with me patiently (as well as Ross, Russ Roberts, Jean Love, etc.) for many months to help me lose my central Virginia accent. My first on-air stint came as a producer(?) and news reader during Russ' Sunday night talk show. I can't imagine any of the managers or staffs at any of the other stations I worked for spending that much time with a high school kid.

Though radio hasn't remained my career, I use many of the skills that I began to develop at WJMA every day. I'm currently the Director of Electronic Communications at James Madison University. My primary duties include the JMU Web site and production of promotional videos for the university.

And I'll never forget Bill Little giving me a shot at baseball play-by-play in '75 ... I guess I've never gotten over the thrill of calling a game ... just this afternoon I did a JMU-William & Mary women's basketball contest. Today was every bit as much fun as that first game 27 years ago at Porterfield Park.

I'm delighted to be a part of this and look forward to hearing from all of you and finding out how you're doing.


Chap Harrison

My stint as a "part-time announcer" was limited to a few nights in 1978 - we were doing split broadcasts, with Orange Hornet basketball on the AM. Molly Hoffman was handling the FM, while I sat in Studio B and gave the station i.d. when Bill Little gave the signal. Except for that, my mellifluous broadcast voice & personality never graced 1340/96+.

Aside from that, I was instrumental in completely organizing and sorting out the records up in the attic. Whew. That was one hot summer.

Chap Harrison

(By the way, where is Ann "Miss Message" Harrison?)

Chap Harrison

I'm here... hello there Ross, Dave...


Ross Hunter <xhunter@...>

Here's a list of those on this list as we begin. Please find your name and see if I have the right information. My memory is fuzzy on some details.

Ross Hunter
Bev Allison 1966-19?? news stringer
Phil Audibert 1976-19?? News Director
Joe Boucher 1995?-- current Program Director
Chet Burgess 1973--19?? News Director
Mitzi Clark 1977--19?? news stringer-Greene County
Len Cowherd 1978--19?? engineer
Midge Craun 1982--19?? sales/traffic/bookkeepping
Clint Estes 1977-still there sports play-by-play
Alex Formwalt 1967--19?? parttime announcer
Andre Gainsback 1984--19?? parttime announcer
Gary Gardner 1973--19?? announcer
Jane Gardner 1973--19?? news stringer
Phil Goodwin 1974?--still there announcer/current News Director
Ralph Graves 1983--19?? parttime announcer
Tom Graves 1979--19?? Sports Director/announcer
Bill Hager 1961--19?? engineer
Ben Hargett friend/sponsor
Arch Harrison 1961-1985 owner/General Manger
Chap Harrison 1968--19?? parttime announcer
Reid Harrison 1982--19?? parttime announcer/news stringer
Molly Hoffman 19??--19?? announcer
Jerry Hooper parttime announcer
Nancy Howes 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Ross Hunter 1971--1986 Operations Manager
Mark Johnson 1982--19?? parttime announcer
Susan Kalan 19??--19?? sales
Jay Kiernan 19??--19?? parttime announcer/production
Andy Lax 1970--19?? parttime announcer
John Lee 19??--19?? News Director
Bill Little 1962-1984 announcer/sales/Sales Manager
Jean Love 1972--19?? announcer
Jay Marks 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Patricia McArver 1978--19?? News Director
Laurie McCullough 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Les Myers 1970--19?? announcer
Tom Osina 1979--19?? announcer
Barbara Potter 1977--19?? parttime administrative/news
Russ Roberts 1972--19?? announcer
John Schick current General Manager
Red Shipley 19??--19?? partitme / current morning announcer
Lex Smith 1979--19?? sales
David Taylor 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Mary Thompson 1976--19?? announcer/sales
Bob Traister 1969--19?? announcer
Bob Wade 1975--19?? announcer
Joe Whitten 1982--19?? parttime announcer
Youtha Whitten 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Dave Williamson 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Seth Williamson 196?--19?? parttime announcer
Cathy Wills 19??-1971 parttime announcer
Pete York 1982--19?? parttime announcer