Re: film at 11

Clint Estes

It appears the 50th year of Orange football will happen this fall
following an earlier conversation with John Shick and Joe B. We will start on the FM
(98.9) and move to the AM should the lawyers get everything worked out before
the end of the season.
In 1953 WJMA broadcast its first game on 1340 and it would be ironic that the
last few games may be back on 1340 where it began!
My question to you is I would like to do some interviews with former
players, coaches and broadcasters from the past 50 years as part of the pregame
and or halftime and was wondering if you and Bill would be available at lunch or
after work one day next week to discuss this. Red Shipley is willing to help
with this project and could join us to brainstorm. I had also toyed with the
idea of having former broadcasters like Bill Little, Ted Carroll, David
Taylor, Tom Graves etc., announce a quarter of play-by-play or at least do an
interview and maybe a "Wishing WJMA a happy 50th football season" promo. I have
not asked John Shick about the guest broadcaster idea but I will check with him.

I am open to any and all creative ideas from the "group" about promoting
this 50th Orange football season (and possibly the last) on WJMA so please
chime in!!!!!!!

Clint Estes
1977 - present

P.S. Many thanks to Arch way back in the fall of 1977 that gave me a chance
to do local sports and to Bill Little for the training to call a game!

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