Re: Let's get started

Mark Johnson

Hello Ross and All,

Great idea Ross, I am glad you have put this together.

I would be interested in reading WJMA
mini-autobiograhies of everyone and learning the years
that everyone worked there and what their various jobs

To get the idea off the ground:

I attended the Ace Broadcasting Academy in the late
Summer of 1981. There were four students and I figured
the odds were against me. But by about the third week
the other three had all dropped out. Weeee!

After "graduation" I started working on the weekends.
Mainly Saturday evening and some Sunday afternoons.

At that time there was a different announcer each
evening. I'll try to remember them on their correct

Debbie Carr Monday
Pete York Tuesday
Debbie Carr Wednesday
Nancy Howes Thursday
Youtha Whitten Friday

Very soon after I arrived, Debbie Carr left, and I
picked up her two nights. Then Pete York and Nancy
Howes also moved on, and I picked up their nights.

I believe Jean Love had been working Sunday afternoons
(and in fact one of my first On-Air training sessions
was with Jean) and she also decided to leave fairly
soon after I came on board.

So, from working one day a week I suddenly was working
every day except Friday (and I was delighted to fill
in for Youtha whenever she needed to take off too!).

What great fun those times were.

I have other memories and stories that I'll post when
I get the chance.

Mark Johnson

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