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I don't know why, but I was thinking about the various slogans used on the air at WJMA. I know I don't remember them all, but here's a start.

The first one I remember was "Your Information Stations". Later "Radio Orange" was adopted as the official ID, but various identifiers or positioning statements were tacked on the front end. There was "Central Virginia Daily News", "America's Most Popular Music", "At the Foot of the Blue Ridge", for sports: "All The Good Sports", "Z96.7" and "Central Virginia's Hit Music FM" in the post Digby era. I think there was "Jamin' 96.7" when Carl Hurlebaus was the owner. Were you around then Cameron?

There was a slogan we adopted one summer while Arch was on vacation. It didn't last a day after his return. Remember "The Only Radio Station You'll Ever Need"? We thought it pretty well described our full service approach. Arch was firmly against it saying it was just not true. You might want to or need to listen to another station sometimes. Where did that on come from? I think "All the Good Sports" was borrowed from WBZ, Boston.

Under the current owner ship there has been "Country Mix 96". "Your Place in the Country" is the current slogan.

Let's kick this one around a while and arrive at a comprehensive list.


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