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hey willow,
I thought you all had forgotten or just decided not to party. I'm afraid I
got another gig going on sunday and Monday. If you want to postpone the
party and regroup, I'll be happy to do it.
Linda - Sorry

Haven't heard from too many about when you want to party....We will need to
plan...How about that Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and we make it a potluck. That way nobody is really out much...and there's enough food for who comes,
because "who comes" brings it...Any thoughts on that?
Who you are makes a difference,
Love, Willow

As far as I know, I'll be around Labor Day weekend. Carol may be in Chicago.
Whatever the "committee" decides is fine with me.

Might you have an Internet computer close to the party site so those not able to make it could join in on-line?

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