two new audio files

Ross Hunter <xhunter@...>

I finally got an chance to digitize some tape Phil Audibert loaned me. I have uploaded two files to the NEWS folder in the FILES section of the Yahoo site. Use the link below to get there.

The first file is called "Audibert balloon". It's a good pices that would be at home on NPR today. I recall that it won "Best Feature" in the non-metro category in the annual Associated Press, or was it Virginia Association of Broadcasters, competition? I really should have posted the entire piece, but the file would be too large to make for practical downloading on dial-up connections. The posted file is almost 2 minutes long. The missing part is between the two songs.

The second file ("Monday At One WWII") is the opening of a "Monday At One" program featuring local World War II vets. I think I recognize the voices talking about their war time experiences: Joe Samuels, Bill Thomas, Billy Trimmer, and Tommy Brown. Trimmer has one of the great lines from Monday At One history: "Now if you've got any straighten up with the Lawd, that's the time to start doin' it."

At the end of the piece is the "Monday At One" theme. I don't recall the song title, but I think the group is the Modern Jazz Quartet. Anyone else remember for sure?

Anyone recall when "Monday At One" ended it's run? How many Douglas Southall Freeman awards did it win? Five?


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