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Linda Westby <thedipster813@...>

hey willow,
I thought you all had forgotten or just decided not to party. I'm afraid I got another gig going on sunday and Monday. If you want to postpone the party and regroup, I'll be happy to do it.
Linda - Sorry

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Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 14:29:48 EDT

IOK...I will take on being Party Meister...but need a committee...only
because that's a party in itself. Who is going to be around this summer?
Linda said she would cater (still on, Linda?)or do you want to potluck and
Phil and group will play (thanks Phil) and we need a party game meister (as
in volleyball net...for the pool or the ground...already have a croquet
set...pool and hottub...) and we need tables and chairs...I probably can get
them from my church, Gordonsville United Methodist...but could use some help
schlepping...and make it BYOB? We can provide drinks...and of course
balloons marking the driveway at Cedar Hill Road just north of the
Gordonsville Circle. What days can you'all come? We have plenty of roomfor
tents in the backyard, and even one RV hookup down by the barn. We will be
back in VA on June 28th so plenty of time to plan. Let's hear what you all
want and we shall plan accordingly. The Pat Watson Oak is standing pretty
tall these days.

Who you are makes a difference,
Love, Willow

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Of course I am ready to party on or around Labor Day. I'll just need to
know the firm date at least a month in advance. It looks like Willow is
the Party Commander. Just let us know how much dough to pony up and
what we're going to do about food/drinks (Pot luck? Cater?).

Russ Roberts

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I'm not sure yet if all of the Rollers will be in town over Labor Day
weekend; we may be missing Alex the primo fiddler. I should know
within a
couple of weeks or so. Otherwise, the Ryegrass Rollers would love to

but would need some monetary incentive. My services of course would

Phil A.
I am sure the WJMA'ers will sweeten the pot, but we must have Alex...She

played at a going away party for a friend of mine who was moving to
What a special lady she is....My friend was brought to tears (good
tears) by
her playing. She played some kind of special Irish going away
the Irish can do it. Of course, we know how good the rest of the band
too...and we have the CD for Alex. Haven't heard back from anyone on
wants to party. Don't we have POLL privileges on our webpage...Maybe we

could poll the group.

Who you are makes a difference,
Love, Willow

wild crafted nutrition for wellness
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