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For "Frog in the Throat" Dr. Pepper was my remedy. One winter, though,
a minor cold clogged the pipes to the point where the good Dr. from the
pop machine was impotent. I turned to over-the-counter sinus pills.
They worked so well I stayed on them for six months! My, how the cavity
resonated with a Sahara head!

When nosebleeds became a problem and on weekends, without the pills,
when my head closed up tighter than a bank vault, I decided my system
must have become dependant upon the little pink pills. With that power
of diagnosis I should have hung out my "Physician" shingle! Who needs
medical school?

Knowing the Drug Fair generic pills were doing me no long-term good and
fearing they might lead to "harder things" (dynamite?), I went cold

I feel so much better now that I've confessed my former addiction to the
group here. My name is Russ and I am a reformed sinus pill user.

Ross, what was that throat stuff you always kept on your desk in our
little office? Do I recall you had it in a spray bottle, an "atomizer?"

Russ Roberts

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It's kind of like apostolic succession. Who was your teacher? Maybe
we can trace this back a few generations.

Jean Love was my first teacher in terms of actually sitting in for an
entire air shift. She taught me how to take the transmitter readings,
operate all the equipment, shut down etc. For some unfathomable
reason I remember that she endorsed Pepsi as a cure for frog-in-the-

The first time I was on the air it was to read a newscast at either
11:00am or 1:00pm. During the whole 5 minutes I was expecting Arch to
rush into Studio A and shut down the board. Dulin Furniture of Mine
Run was one of the sponsors.

Mark Johnson

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