Re: Poll the group and RyeGrass Rollers playing?

Barbara Potter-Drinkwater

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I'm not sure yet if all of the Rollers will be in town over Labor Day
weekend; we may be missing Alex the primo fiddler. I should know within a
couple of weeks or so. Otherwise, the Ryegrass Rollers would love to play,

but would need some monetary incentive. My services of course would be

Phil A.
I am sure the WJMA'ers will sweeten the pot, but we must have Alex...She
played at a going away party for a friend of mine who was moving to Maine.
What a special lady she is....My friend was brought to tears (good tears) by
her playing. She played some kind of special Irish going away only
the Irish can do it. Of course, we know how good the rest of the band is,
too...and we have the CD for Alex. Haven't heard back from anyone on who
wants to party. Don't we have POLL privileges on our webpage...Maybe we
could poll the group.

Who you are makes a difference,
Love, Willow

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