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Arch Harrison <ah7q@...>

Last month - as you remember - I was trying to recall something about the
elusive John Cregg. My memory is fragile, but I can augment my posting from
Digest number 78 item number 754:

Ol'JJC gave his notice, said he had a job with Voice of America, we sent him
on his way with suitable fanfare. About two days later I had a call from
Linda, "Have you heard anything from John?"

Turns out there was no job at The Voice, he just took off!
Some time later I got a letter from him posted from Denver CO where he was
working for the USPO or maybe a Seven Eleven, explaining the circumstances
of his mysterious departure which I can no longer recall. I am a pack rat
and for years kept that letter but for the past month I've been unable to
unearth it from my "Deep Past" boxes of memorabilia, hence the delay in my

Recently I called Duff Green, who Knows Everything, seeking information.
Nothing so far. Duff says his recollection is that John's father was
employed by the Orange County School Board. When John's mother died some ten
years ago her obit said he was living in California and his sister lived in
Virgnia Beach.

But the trail has gone cold for the moment.

Stay tuned. a r c h

Always be sincere, whether you mean it or not.
--Old announcer adage.

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