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Barbara Potter-Drinkwater

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Arch's post scripts were simple with no fanfare or ado. A few moments
out of a hectic day where someone spoke gently and unhurriedly about
one thing or another. They added flavor and good feeling to a classy
radio station.

Yippee...My Ryegrass Rollers CD arrived today.

Just like Arch's postscripts, the Ryegrass Rollers (Audibert and Company)
add flavor and good feeling and belong to a classy group. Don't this CD. Original. Fun. Poignant and toe tapping. If and
when we have our reunion, I vote for them to play.

(Alan and I are still waiting to hear from the New York State Retirement
System whether they are going to allow him time towards retirement for all
those months he was on duty for the Reserves. Nice timing for them to
renege, with our country calling up all the Reservists. When we know about
retirement, we can return to Virginia and start planning a great big party.)

Willow (Barbara Potter) Drinkwater

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