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I was surprised to hear you mention that Rifle, Colorado was your hometown.
In 1987 and 1988, I was hunting elk about 17 miles North of the Rifle exit
off of I-70. Are you or were you familiar with the Sweetwater Cow Camp or
Sweetwater lake? We hunted next to the cow camp at about 9,000 feet
elevation. Other names/sites that spring to mind are the Diamond "J" Saloon
in Eagle and the liquor store in that same town that was owned by a nice old
guy named George. He made his freezer available to us to for our butchered
elk meat, even though we were absolute strangers. We sure did meet a lot of
nice people in that area, including an ancient lady who was locally known as
the "Eagle Greeter."

The first year we were there, we made a friend named Mike, who was the boss
cowboy at the cow camp. For $25, he packed our elk meat out on horseback.
When we came back the second year (1988) We were saddened to learn that,
just prior to our arrival, he had been involved in a fight in Rifle or Eagle
and had, mysteriously, died in jail.

It is, indeed, a small world.


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When I was growing up out in Colorado, the tracks of the Denver and Rio
Grande Western ran through my hometown of Rifle. The locals pronounced it
REYE-oh. It saved my father from a speeding ticket one day years later
he and my mother were driving from Virginia to visit her parents, one of
whom was ill. A Colorado trooper pulled them over and my father explained
they were former locals in a hurry to reach an ailing parent and perhaps
hadn't been paying close attention to the speedometer. The trooper said,
"if you're a former Rifle resident, tell me than name of that railroad" as
he pointed at the tracks. My father said, "That's the Denver and REYE-oh
Grande Western." The trooper said, "You're local, all right. Drive
safely," and sent them on their way. Proper pronunciation can save you

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