Re: Removal & administrative

David Blount

Me too! Can you change me to "web?" I'm being inundated with emails.

At 01:56 PM 2/1/03 -0500, you wrote:
Hi Ross, I hate to ask this, but could you please
take me off this mailing list? I get too many emails,
and it is daily taking up all of my storage space and
preventing me from receiving important e-mails.
Thanks, Nancy

It's no problem to take you off the list. I'll do it today.

As a note to all. There are a couple of options for getting email
from this list: individual emails, a daily digest (it's one email
with everything from the day in it), no email (that keeps you
subscribed to the list, but you won't get any messages) and web (you
go to the Yahoo Groups site to read the latest and greatest.

Anyone who is a member of this list can make the changes yourself by
logging on to the Groups site and change your preferred
delivery. Or you can send me a note directly or post the request to
the list.


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