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MP3 is by far the best quality with smallest file size, read that
quickest download time. There are several shareware conversion programs
that will rip a .wav to an mp3. For what it’s worth, better than ½ of
the agency spots come in via e-mail now—all in MP3.

There are exciting things in the works for WJMA in the near future.
I’ll post a report when I can get time. Probably the biggest change is
we have applied to move JMA’s channel to Midlothian, VA. We will
acquire the two Culpeper stations and the Louisa station, plus keep our
AM. More details later.

John Schick

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I think
we're going to need some sort of QuickTime Audio plug-in to get the
full and
rich effect of my puberty being played out on the air.

Yahoo Groups files section will take audio files. Them mention these
MP3, Real Media, WAV, AIFF, etc. I especially like "etc".

What would be a universal format? I know a copule of us are on Macs,
most are probably usings PCs.

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