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A couple of early 1970's WJMA memories.

Shortly after I started doing evening shifts, John Cregg laughingly mentioned that, sooner or later, I might get a call from an anonymous woman who liked to have a few drinks and call to flirt with the announcers. Sure enough, several weeks later, she called. "You sound new," she slurred and purred, "Want to come over and see me?" Despite having been warned, I was flabbergasted and blurted out, "My parents would have to drive me, I'm only fifteen!" Click. End of phone call.

Many of you will recall that, before leaving for the night, the announcer recorded the weather forecast on a phone recorder near the front door, so people could call the "weather" number in the phone book and get an up-to-date forecast. In the summer of 1971, in addition to working at WJMA, I worked on a local farm as a laborer. The "real" farm workers were not at all impressed by me until, one morning, one of them suddenly heard me say something and said,"You're the voice on the weather!" They all looked at me with awe, like a true celebrity had dropped into their midst.

And my favorite Arch Harrison pronunciation moment came early, in my first "reading". I thought I had no accent to correct, but I was reading a sentence with the word "both" in it and Arch stopped me. "You've lived in Baltimore, haven't you?" he asked. He was right and I was stunned. He had known because of the way I pronounced that one word.

Enjoying the stories.
Andy Lax

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In a moment of deep cogitation I just remembered one
of my more startling off-air moments at the station.

It was probably 1983 and Bill Woolfolk was working
part-time in the news department.

Somehow Bill and Phil Audibert began talking about
deconstructing last names.

Phil had mused that "Audibert" suggested "Smelly
Carnivore" while "Woolfolk" could be viewed as "Sheep

I hear this as I walk by and of course have to step in
the room to see what they are talking about. Bill
looks at me and says: "Hmm...Johnson would be "Toilet


Mark Johnson

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