Re: Pronunciation

Jay Kiernan

Hi all...

Jay Kiernan here, reporting from the Tampa Bay, Florida area (GO BUCS!).

Dunno if any of you will remember me, but I was at the station when WJMA
became known as Radio Orange... I even helped Ross hang the sign at the
press box at the stadium. A very cool logo it was, too!

I was there from late '76 til early in '79, when I briefly moved to
Pennsylvania. Then I enjoyed another stint of about a year when I returned
to Virginia. Since leaving Charlottesville in 1984, I spent eight years in
Atlanta. Then moved to Miami in August of 92, just two days before
Hurricane Andrew arrived. And now I'm in the Tampa area, where I've been
since '98.

I've been moving this past couple of weeks (a local move), and have also
been traveling a lot for work. In fact, I have to leave on another short
trip in about three minutes, but I wanted to say a quick hello to all, and
to remind everyone (as Arch once reminded me), that "...there are no cows
in Moscow."

I'm really looking forward to chiming in when I get back to Tampa Bay from
my trip to Miami. Stay warm y'all!

Gotta run.

WJMA radio news time is 8:56. In other news...


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