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Chuck Brown

Sorry, Ross, but I've just gotten too old to keep up with this modern technology, besides my memory is not good about my time at WJMA (53-54).  Iust remember some of the folks I worked with, but most of them have passed on.  I did want to wish all of you the best, and have fun!!!  I'm just a tad over three months from 93, and getting over a broken hip, which keeps me from walking-----I "hobble" with the aid of a cane and a "rollator".  My spirits are high though!!  And I can still type a little.
Best to all of you, and God Bless.
Chuck Brown (53-54)

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Pls add me to the group. Will there be video feeds as well?

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The Zoom meeting is set for 6pm Eastern time on Friday May 29. We’ve set aside an hour for the meeting, but it can go longer if people want to keep talking. You can leave earlier if you like.

Shortly I’ll be sending a meeting link to those who have expressed interest in the meeting. Let me know if I’ve left you off the list. Here’s who I have so far:

Teresa Carson Andrews
Phil Audibert
Chet Burgess
Cathy Christovich
Clint Estes
Jane & Gary Gardner
Ralph Graves
Ross Hunter
Mark Johnson
Andy Lax
Bill Little
Marisa Murphy
Les Myers
Mary Thompson
Mark Walker

Being on the list does not obligate you to participate. If you are not on the list and may want to participate, say something here or email me directly and I’ll send the meeting info. I like to here be mid afternoon Eastern time on Friday.

This is a “Zoomtails” gathering. You are invited to bring a drink of your choice.


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