PSA - "The American Comic" - 1960/70s

Chap Harrison

I've been trying to remember the details of a PSA that was played during the late '60s / early '70s. I believe it was part of a group of PSAs celebrating American excellence.

It began with a series of audio clips of American standup comedians (Abbot & Costello, Jack Benny, etc.) delivering their signature boffo jokes and one-liners. ("Look, bud - your money or your life." "I'm thinking it over!").

This was followed by a sepulchral male voice that began "The - American - Comic," and went on to eulogize these artists in deep, ponderous tones. The incongruity used to crack up me and my sibs, and I even remember our father responding to some silly wisecrack one of us made by murmuring "The American Comic..."

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

Chap Harrison

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