the end of Sonny, Sam, and Frank

Ross Hunter

I saw an article in today’s Washington Post saying 85 year old Sonny Jurgensen is retiring from broadcasting. He’s the last member of a great broadcast team of Frank Herzon, Sam Huff, and Sonny to retire. I think WJMA probably carried all the Washington Redskins games that team broadcast…except for the Super Bowls.

A couple of quotes from the article:

Jurgensen was the lone holdover in the booth from those glory years after Herzog was unceremoniously ousted and replaced by Larry Michael in 2004, and Huff, 78 and in failing health, stepped away before the 2013 season.

Jurgensen demonstrated a propensity for predicting plays before they happened before Tony Romo was forming complete sentences, and his banter with Huff was both entertaining and informative. It was common for Redskins fans in the area, this reporter included, to mute the volume on the TV and turn up the radio to hear their familiar laughter and voices, along with Herzog’s simple call every time a Washington player crossed the goal line: “Touchdown, Washington Redskins!

— In the golden age of sports television in Washington, D.C., Sonny Jurgensen sat in a booth with Frank Herzog, who is the best play-by-play guy ever, and then he sat on a set with Glenn Brenner — brilliant and funny — and then he sat on a set with George Michael, who, I think more than either of the other guys, made sports an industry in this city and was innovative in ways that the others weren’t. The three giants … and Sonny was a partner to all of them.


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