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Mark Johnson

Clint as I recall the SBC carts were higher numbers, maybe all in the 300's and kept in a rack over the turntables, (very important to not drop cart on turn table whilst record is on air) whereas the regular carts were numbered from 1 on up.

Mark Johnson

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The colors/numbers bring back memories, but the Sports Broadcaster Club  (SBC) ones I think were a bit different? Yes? No?

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Anyone have a good picture of a cart label from the mid to late 1970s?

The subject of cart labeling has come up on a Facebook group where I shared the WJMA system of colors and letters to figure what order carts should be played. This might be the “best” picture I have, but it doesn’t show much.

As I recall the cart number was on a small label on the left. The number was in a color matching the announcer’s voice. After the number was a letter (A, B, C, or D) indicating the type of cart: voice only, voice with music bed, voice with jingle, or full jingle. For something like an agency spot with a WJMA announcer tag, it would have a black number underlined with the announcer’s color.

The larger label on the right was set up like this:

Client and length
pull date (and pull time if important)
out cue

Am I close? Remember any other details? Remember your color?

Agency cart numbers were black
Bill Little was red
I think I was orange or maybe blue


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