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Phil Audibert

And now I have a snow story...

On a few rare occasions I had to open up.  On this particular morning, we had a major snowfall the night before.  The roads had been plowed, but there was a thin layer of snow/ice on them. It was pitch black dark outside. 

As I came over the crest of the hill at Somerset, driving my light Datsun 2WD pickup, just as I started to descend a freight train came barreling through. I slammed on my brakes and went into a terrifying skid right towards the speeding train. I twisted the steering wheel one direction and then the next and at the last moment spun backwards into the ditch right by the crossing arm...hopeless stuck, but safe!

The train barreled past, and when the crossing arms lifted there was a guy in a Jeep who crossed the tracks, hooked a chain onto my front bumper, and pulled me out.  I continued on to the radio station and opened up on time. But, I aged a couple of years in 20 seconds that morning.

Phil Audibert

Phil Audibert 
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